Our services

Protection against unlawful seizure

A collection order against a client was conducted for the amount of approximately 1 million EUR based on falsified documents. The alleged creditor turned out to be a company controlled by a homeless person of unknown residence with Slovak citizenship. Our task was to find the person to provide his testimony and document the circumstances of the alleged seizure. The person was found in Slovakia and documents - which enabled the client to put a halt to enforcement proceedings - were secured. The project took about six weeks.

Revelations of embezzlement

Our client was a major engineering firm from Central Bohemia. The client received information that senior staff members were involved in an elaborate scheme by which company assets were being stolen. Our staff conducted a comprehensive investigation into the client’s day-to-day business operations. An analysis of company documents and communications revealed a multi-million crown embezzlement project that had been in place for at least two years. The investigation took less than three weeks.

Client’s protection from fraudulent behaviour

Seeking millions of euros of investment capital for his Czech venture, our client received electronic documentation, which was intended to be confirmation of the would-be investor’s UK current account. Our task was to verify the authenticity of these documents. The documents were found to be grossly inconsistent with current UK legislation and contained fake email addresses of non-existent bank managers. These, and other irregularities, proved that the submitted documents were counterfeit. The investigation was completed within 24 hours.

Verification of the identity of a person controlling a company

Our client, a major Czech leasing company, was considering financing several dozen cars for a small transportation company. Our task was to determine who controlled the company. Through careful analysis of data from public sources, social networks and a local investigation we were able to demonstrate that the company was led by an individual who was known to have defaulted on previous loans and whose own previous business venture had resulted in insolvency. In this case the investigation lasted less than 24 hours.

The spectrum of investigation conducted by our company is comprehensive and is aimed at preventing and uncovering unlawful and dishonest business practices that can be damaging to a company’s finances as well as its reputation.