About us

Who we are

We specialize in conducting comprehensive commercial investigations and due diligence. We deal with the most challenging cases with a level of knowledge and expertise that surpasses other agencies.

What we do

We deliver precise information about the actual movement of people, a thorough review of the financial condition of borrowers and business partners as well as in-depth background checks of the professional history of potential employees.

Why us

We have a level of knowledge and expertise that is the envy of our competitors. Our highly qualified and experienced investigators are leaders in their field who are able to work seamlessly with public data and social networks. Company managers are experienced lawyers with many years of industry experience.

We focus primarily on cases that are considered too difficult for other agencies to resolve with the same high standards that we and our clients expect. We intentionally target the most complex and challenging projects from prestigious and reputable clients.

Company management is directly involved in solving all cases.

A detailed description of our services and references are available upon request.